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Thanks to the in-house contact lens lab at Price Optical, you'll have access to over 60 different manufactures of contact lens. You can select custom-fitted lenses in any type, including disposable, soft astigmatic, rigid gas permeable, and bifocal.

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Not sure what type of lens will work best for you? Try them on for 1 - 2 weeks and come back for a follow-up appointment! You can try as many different types as you like, until you are 100% satisfied. Everything is covered by a one-time fitting fee.

Guaranteed Fit Program

Considering contacts but not sure you want to give up your trusty eyeglasses? Schedule a free consultation with one of our contact lens specialists to learn more about contact lenses, and what type might work best for you.

Free consultations with the experts

When you come to Price Optical, you'll know that your vision needs are being handled by a staff of caring, skilled contact lens specialists. Get the most accurate prescription and the most precise fit!

Over 40 years of experienced eye care

An in-house contact lens lab for all your needs